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A Steamy Novella.

A Steamy  'Love at First Sight"

The Runaway Duchess is the story of Matijs de Boviere, the son of Francois de Boviere, Le Count of Sant mon Marche -  the hero of the Highwayman's Mistress. 

Three Steamy "Love at First Sight" Novellas 


A Steamy Gothic Regency Murder Mystery 

A Current  UK Best Selling Novel

A follow-on steamy Murder Mystery in which the secondary male protagonist Marcus Fairweather, Earl of Sheldon, finds true love:


The Bath Series 
Romantic Regency Murder Mysteries.
(Sensual & Steamy Scenes)

The Trevellians' of New-Lyn - Georgian / Regency
Romantic Murder Mysteries. (no sex scenes)


Other Georgian & Regency novels.

This is a Risque and Controversial steamy novella for people who don't understand the tragedy of PTSD, nor the fact women were bound to honour a father's wish, or abide to the edict set down by an elder brother. Contracted marriages were commonplace, and not all suitors were honourable!   

Venetian Encounter (steamy), Scandalous Whisper (sensual)


 Waterloo Legacy (Steamy scene)

Celeste - An Erotic novel

The Royal Series - spanning the years 1642 - 1685 at present.
There are two more books to come. 
Debt of Honour is short prequel novella (no sex)
All the novels in the Royal Series are Steamy Romances. 


To Come in this Series.